Productivity – The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men…

I love being as productive as I can.  I try all the productivity tips that I can find (I know, not the most productive thing to do, right?)

Despite all the great ideas, tips and strategies … and the best of my intentions, sometimes it looks more like this…

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  1. Louisa Chan says:


    This is sooo revealing!
    Why do I find myself nodding in agreement ?

    It sure looks like busy-ness vs business
    and activity vs productivity?

  2. Ah yes, that looks like my days sometimes too…. While I'd love to say that I'm highly productive every working day, that would be a lie. We all have those days where getting to the point of being able to get your 'stuff done' takes longer than the actually 'stuff'. I've realised that on those days I'm often better off taking a break, usually it's my head telling me I need a break, and I'll be more productive when I come back to it. Obviously this won't work when you're on a deadline, and you do have to watch that it's not every day.