“Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make” – Q&A

“Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make” – Q&A

Q&A About “Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make” Telewebcast

Just a quick reminder about today’s “Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make” teleseminar, and answers to some of your questions about today’s tele-webcast.

First – if you haven’t alread, read my recent blog post about today’s teleseminar on “Mistakes Entrepreneur’s Make” then register for the event.  It’s free for you, and will give you some helpful insights for becoming more productive and profitable.

Ok, that was the reminder part. Now for the answers to some of your questions about today’s call…

  • Is the call free? Yes, The call is free for all my clients and subscribers. You are, however, responsible for your own long distance costs (if any).

  • When does it happen? The live call takes place today, Friday October 17th at 3:00pm Eastern Time.  If you are in a different time zone and not sure when 3:00pm Eastern Time is, visit www.Time.gov.

  • Is this call for me? The call is intended to help small business entrepreneurs understand the beliefs and behaviors that create overwhelm, struggle and stagnation in their business, and to present a series of alternative paradigms and choices that can empower you to achieve the success you desire and deserve. I also plan to debunk the false promise of “overnight success” marketing that, instead of helping you succeed, is designed to keep you wanting more and more, and spending more and more, without really giving you all the pieces in the puzzle.  All this does is keep you distracted and in constant overwhelm.  Hey, knock it off – you’ve got a business to run! I’ll show you ALL the pieces you need to make your internet marketing work (especially if you are a coach, consultant, healer, teacher, speaker, trainer — something OTHER than an internet marketer).  Plus, I’ll share some ideas about how you can put all these pieces together in just 30 days – IF you’re willing to put a little elbow grease into it.

  • What “Mistakes” Are You Talking About? I recently did an interview series, the “Trusted Advisor” interviews, with about 125 entrepreneurs who shared with me their biggest challenges – the things that keep most keep them up at night, and prevent them from achieving the results they want.  The “Mistakes” are what I identified to be the beliefs and behaviors that created the biggest challenges that virtually all these entrepreneurs are dealing with. I’m going to tell you some plain truths that you might be denying but may be holding you back.  I do not plan to “soften” things to make it palatable to hear.  I am going to tell it as I see it, and wake you up to the realities of succeeding in your business.  Please come with an open mind.

  • Can we ask questions? I do have some content that I will deliver in presentation format that is the result of my work with the “Trusted Advisor” interviews, and some actionable ideas for addressing the challenges.  But I will be answering as many of your questions as possible during the call, so I’ve allocated 90 minutes, rather than the typical 60 minutes, for the event.

  • I can’t make the live call – will it be recorded? The call will be recorded and a replay will be available to everyone who registers.  At this time, I do not plan to make it publicly available otherwise.

  • How do I get on the call? You can dial in by phone and join the teleconference, or you can listen by webcast. The details will be provided to you when you register for the call.

  • Is this going to be a 90 minute sales pitch? No, this is going to be content rich, interactive, value-added conversation with actionable information.  This is a follow up call that I promised to my Trusted Advisor participants a long time ago.  That said, I do plan take a few minutes to let you know about my upcoming “Authority Marketing Intensive” and invite you to join if it resonates with you.  But there are only three seats left and they may be sold out before the call, so it’s not the main focus of the call.

  • Is there a limit to the number of people on the line? Not really.  I can accomodate about 200 people on the teleconference and up to 2000 by webcast.  I’m not promoting this widely, so we should have lots of capacity.  (I bet you thought I was going to say something  typical like: “Only a few lines, act now, we will fill up fast, don’t be left out”.  Surprise).

  • Can I sign up for the Authority Marketing Intensive without attending the telewebcast? Sure, just send me an email.  If you’re interested though, please do it quick because there are only three seats left.

As always, while I have an agenda for the call today, one of the things I enjoy most is to interact with you, answer your questions, coach you where I can, and generally be of as much service and value to you as possible.

That’s usually the most fun for everyone too.

Don’t be surprised if we throw out my agenda and follow yours – but either way, come with open mind, be prepared to have some fun and contribute to the conversation as much as you like.  Your contribution makes the event richer than ever, and is most welcome.

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  1. Hi Lou,

    I've signed up and will be glad to get going. I had paid a web designer the deposit but I will send an e-mail to cancel.

    By the way, I'll be away from Oct 26-Nov1


  2. Hi Lou!
    Thank you for for your' offer.
    The timing is not good for us at this time.

    We are interested in saving time and stress as we are therapists and not internet specialists.

    I have a dream to have our site translated into english, (I am originally. from Texas),and to set up an Individual and group Phone and or video conference sessions with online billing for sessions.

    I feel you understand our community of passionate people helpers.
    So keep us informed in the furture.

    Mark & Renée Robertson