I am overwhelmed and pulled in so many directions…

Good day, it’s Thursday as I write this, looking over the pacific shoreline in Manhattan Beach, California.

I’m glad you’re reading this email – I have a sense it will be one of the most important emails you’ll ever read.

I say that confidently because of the 125 or so people I interviewed as part of the “Trusted Advisor” series I recently did, the most frequently expressed challenge by virtually everyone I spoke to was:

I am overwhelmed. I don’t know where to start. I am being pulled in a thousand different directions so I am always busy, but never getting anything done.

Is that sounding anything like your day-to-day experience?

Me too, actually.

It’s a constant source of focus and attention for me to make my days as productive and fulfilling as possible. There’s always more to learn, more to do, more, more, more…

As I become more well known and reach more people, guess what? There are ever more chances to become increasingly less productive because of the many more opportunities that present themselves.

Luckily, I had access to one of the most mind-blowing productivity courses I’ve ever experienced.

I would have loved to share it with you before, but it was only available through the $10,000 a year Guru Mastermind Program of which I am a member.

The good news is: this is a challenge for SO many people that Eben Pagan, the founder of Guru Mastermind, has decided to pull it out of the annual program and make it available as a standalone program.

The great news is: he’s releasing a lot of valuable free videos to share his best ideas with you and give you a sense of what his time and energy productivity program is all about.

His promise is: do his program for 30 days and you’ll DOUBLE your productivity – guaranteed.

If you were one of the 125 on my Trusted Advisor calls – this is the program I wish I would have written for you – please watch these videos now.

It addresses all your most important questions and gives you tips, ideas and steps to follow that are sure to help you move forward from your current experience.

If you were not one of the 125 people on the trusted advisor call, but you are feeling your productivity waning and your energy draining…then jump over and watch these free videos and double your productivity now:

I always considered myself a good time and priority manager. But I learned more in the month or two that I’ve been following this program than in any other similar program I’ve ever taken.

I especially like the fact that Eben takes a “holistic” approach which considers not only what you DO, but who you ARE as you take action. I’ve found it not only makes me more productive – but MUCH less stressed in the process.

My work has become fulfilling again. It can be for you too. Check it out:

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