Lou Speaking at the Toronto ICF

On September 29th, I’ll be speaking to the local GTA chapter of the International Coaching Federation here in Toronto, Canada on "The No Sweat Six-Figure Coaching Practice" I find the biggest obstacle to success in using this system is believing in one’s self. I call it the "I’m not worthy" syndrome.   To drive home […]

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Bill Clinton’s TED Acceptance Speech

There’s a lot of talk about "The Secret" these days. This post is about a man who, for me, embodies law of attraction – especially in the face of adversity and circumstance. How are you feeling these days? Are you fulfilling your purpose? Do you sometimes feel like it’s just too hard to keep going […]

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Hug Your Way to World Peace?

Hug Your Way to World Peace! PLEASE Watch this…leave me a comment to share – honestly, sincerely – how it makes you feel, then go hug some people. (Thanks for lettin’ me know about this one, Brad). Lou D’Alo Coaching for Inspired Entrepreneurs

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The Power of Presence

The Power of Presence (Part 1)       I was doing a teleseminar presentation to a group of speakers and trainers this past Monday night. This was the first of three calls in four hours I was doing, and mere minutes into the call, I knew something was off. I had that "disembodied voice" […]

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