Are you making this big teleseminar mistake?

Teleseminar-SlipUpI have a mantra – my ABR mantra – that I share with all my clients when they do teleseminars.

Before I reveal the mantra to you, the big mistake people make and how to avoid it, let me first ask you this…

If you knew that by adding one simple step to your teleseminar checklist, you could:

  • mutiply the benefits of any teleseminar you did;
  • drive massive marketing visibility for you and your business at virtually no extra time or cost to you; and 
  • create a stable of high-quality products that could strengthen your brand and provide additional streams of income to your business

wouldn’t you do it?

The ABR mantra, which stands for "Always Be Recording" is the secret to doing just that.

Seems like a simple thing, and it is.   But why is this so important?

Because once you have a teleseminar recorded, it creates the possibility for repurposing that teleseminar into many other forms, media and channels of distribution.

"Repurposing", in it’s simplest sense, simply means converting into a new format or media, so as to be used for a new purpose.

When you record your teleseminar, you set in motion a domino effect of repurposing benefits.

For example, MP3 recordings can be quickly repurposed into CDs, transcripts, slide shows, screencasts, streaming audio, and more.

Then these newly created formats can be further repurposed into physical products, courses, programs, workshops, speeches, articles, blog posts, social media content, and much more.

In turn, these repurposed products can be turned into social marketing content, articles, blog posts, slide shows, screencasts, videos for youtube and other portals, member area content, home study courses, optin page incentives, and so much more.

From a single teleseminar comes all this opportunity to create content for your marketing and promotions, for your listbuilding, and for your products and services. And it all starts with the highest quality audio recording of a teleseminar.

So please: "Always Be Recording" your teleseminars.

And, just as importantly, avoid the big mistake people make when recording their telesemianrs: not doing a second, backup recording. 

(You see ABR also means "Always Backup Recordings".Pretty deep, eh?)

There’s no worse feeling than to hold a great teleseminar, with an important guest perhaps, and suddenly realize that the audio recording failed, or stopped because it ran out of time, or didn’t get started for some reason.

And there’s no great sense of relief and joy than to know that you have nothing to worry about, because the backup recording captured every single minute of the call.

With your recording in place, you can not only set your repurposing machine into action, but you can also avoid the embarrassment of having to call your very important guest and ask to re-do the call. (Did you just feel that shiver down your spine?)

So from now on, promise me won’t you? Always record every teleseminar you do, and always backup your recording.

It won’t even break your bank.  I use to backup all my recordings. For less than $20 a month, I am able to record an unlimited number of calls.

For the orginal recording, I use the built-in recording feature of either my current favorite free conferencing service, or my ab-so-lu-tely indispensable Instant Teleseminar service.  

Please take a deep breath now. Sit in a relaxed posture with your hands on your lap, palms open and facing upwards. Close your eyes and repeat after me:

ABR, ABR, ABR, ABR, ohmmmmmm…


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  1. Cindi Dawson says:

    Hi, Lou.

    I totall concur!

    I teach this as well. I just have one thing to add … the very first time you make the mistake of NOT having a back recording and you need it … will be your LAST. It only takes one time of asking for someone to repeat an interview and receiving a, "No, I'm sorry. I don't have the time" to change your habit.

    Even if you think the teleseminar will just be so-so, record it anyway specifically for the repurposing idea. You never know when someone will say that one nugget that makes the time together stellar.

    YOU can do this!
    Cindi Dawson
    The Teleseminar Coach
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  2. Well said – and absolutely correct! Of course, the follow up message is ABU – Always Back Up! You don't want something to happen to your hard drive and lose all those valuable recordings.

  3. Diane Vento says:

    Lou I remember when I did your teleseminar class, you always stress the importance of ABR – and I haven't forgotton. In fact tonight I am holding a study group and you can bet I will be ABRing.

    As always, thanks for the great tip!

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  4. Sandi Neilson says:

    Hi Lou – thank you for introducing some of us and for the rest, reminding us of such simple yet far reaching tip and not only for teleseminars! Doing live presentations to small groups on a regular basis myself I totally admit to being slack at recording these events to value-add to my practice. And you know the simplest piece of advice within the overall advice you give is "put it on your checklist". Yeap you got it – if it's not there it's no where – leave our being to remember the contents of what we're presenting and being in the moment rather than having to remember the technical or the logistics stuff. So thank you for reminding me of my own tip re checklist and again thanx for sharing your ABR mantra.

    Be unique you – be a winner – every day
    Sandi Neilson
    taaabs Coaching