7 Ways Teleseminars Build Your Business

If you’re an independent solo or small business owner, you likely have attended many teleseminars – but have you held your own teleseminars yet?

Teleseminars are an effective and easy way to reach more of your prospects and clients. They’re also a very convenient way for your clients to get access to you, your products and your services.

Todays technology makes it easier and more affordable than ever for you to hold your own teleseminars – there’s no reason for you not to do it!

Here are just some of the benefits that teleseminars offer you and your clients:

1. Ease and convenience: Everyone knows how to use the phone so there’s no technology barrier to you connecting with your market. Your clients and prospects can connect with you from the comfort of their home: no baby sitters, no fighting with traffic, and no extra time and money to attend your events.

2. Build Your List: As your partners invite people to your teleseminar events, and you drive your marketing and advertising to your registration page, you collect names and email addresses of qualified prospects along with their permission for you to continue to communicate with them. Over time, this builds a big, loyal, responsive database of prospects and clients.

Drive all your marketing and advertising to a weekly educational and promotional teleseminar and attendees will identify themselves as interested, qualified prospects who will actively seek to invest in your products and services.

3. Educate and Inform: Teleseminars allow you to quickly and conveniently educate and inform your prospects and clients on the latest developments in your area of expertise. Better than a newsletter, educational teleseminars build more relationship and trust with your market, resulting in higher sales and longer term client relationships.

4. Deliver Your Products and Services: You can use teleseminars to replace or augment your physical seminars and workshops. Now you can gather your clients virtually and use this effective distance-learning environment to serve them in the convenience of their homes.

5. Create Information Products: Teleconference recording technology is more affordable and easy to use than ever. You can easily convert teleseminar recordings into products that you sell or use as lead generators.

6. Easy Joint ventures: Set up a simple one-hour teleseminar with colleagues and partners that you’re working with for the first time. It’s the easiest of all joint ventures to do, and gives you a fast, convenient way to "test the waters" with a new partner before committing to larger projects.

7. Expand Your Brand: Deliver regular teleseminars to your growing list of prospects and clients and brand yourself indelibly in their minds. Interview experts and leaders in your industry and your market automatically associates their reputation, credibility and market presence with you.

There you have it – teleseminars may be the fastest, easiest and most affordable way to build your solo or small business. Don’t delay – start holding your own teleseminars today!

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