Lou Speaking at the Toronto ICF

On September 29th, I’ll be speaking to the local GTA chapter of the International Coaching Federation here in Toronto, Canada on "The No Sweat Six-Figure Coaching Practice"

I find the biggest obstacle to success in using this system is believing in one’s self. I call it the "I’m not worthy" syndrome.


To drive home the point that often times we under-value and under-esteem our skills and talents, I’ll show them the video below.

I showed the video to a small group of people for their feedback as part of my preparation. Although I was taken aback by it, I shouldn’t have been surprised by the strong emotional impact it had on my "test group".

Watch it yourself, and pay special attention to this gentleman’s self talk at the beginning of the video. Later, as you see his enormous talent, you’ll wonder how in the world he could so under-esteem it. As you reflect on this, ask yourself "How highly do I truly esteem my unique gifts and talents?"

Could be that you’ll find room to see more of your own magnificence and hold that knowledge deep in your heart and soul … while you wait for the rest of the world to figure it out.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Lou has definitely hit the button there. Recognising your worth is something that you can CHOOSE to work on. Even if you think you are the most confident/positive person, and you have not looked at the possibility that you do have unworthy thoughts, then one of the most easiest ways to give you more and move your perspective/thinking from tunnel vision to an open, expanded vision is to spend some time here. I have had the opportunity to listen to Lou and he has a way of making your time with him FUN and immensely informative. thanks Lou.