Bill Clinton’s TED Acceptance Speech

There’s a lot of talk about "The Secret" these days.

This post is about a man who, for me, embodies law of attraction – especially in the face of adversity and circumstance.

How are you feeling these days? Are you fulfilling your purpose?

Do you sometimes feel like it’s just too hard to keep going and find the willingness to do whatever it takes to manifest your vision?

You’d do do well to study Bill Clinton.

You may or may not agree with Bill Clinton’s politics, but you’ve got to give him credit for his strength, resilience and humanitarianism in the face of adversity that would make many of us want to crawl into a hole and give up.

Watch this video of Bill Clinton’s acceptance speech at TED, and ask yourself what you can do now to live bigger, give more, make a difference in your life – whether it’s within your family, your local community, or globally.

Listen to the passion, the commitment to the vision, the level of contribution that comes through in this speech. I often talk with clients about how powerful it is to have a compelling "Why" for what you do. I think you’ll hear in this speech a vision larger than anything Mr. Clinton has ever attempted.

I encourage you to think of this speech, and of Bill Clinton’s life in general, when you feel like the going’s getting tough for you. It’s a PhD in keeping focused on your vision despite fervent opposition.

By the way … don’t you detect a different energy in Bill Clinton now compared to when he was President?

To me, it’s palpable even on the video. This is a man unencumbered by other people’s agenda. It’s a man unswervingly committed to his true purpose, to his higher vision. It feels like a man fulfilled by contribution.

It doesn’t require years or decades for your life to change. It can happen in a moment.

Sit for a minute and consider all the reasons you do what you do and answer these questions honestly for yourself:

  • What’s the vision that’s worthy of you?
  • Why MUST you be successful in what you do?
  • What is it that you can do that feels perfectly in alignment with self, and truly "on purpose".
  • What will you do that you can reflect upon proudly at your life’s end?

I encourage you to sit quietly with your Self and receive your most heartfelt and honest truth about this.

Your moment might be here and now.

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  1. chanee says:

    Bill Clinton certainly seems like a man with great vision. Like other former US presidents, and candidates, he definitely seems inspired to reach out to those in need that were often…unreachable while he was in power. Government service tends to have provided him with many great gifts to offer, such as: recognition and power for effective negotiating, experience dealing with people of other cultures and countries which has provided opportunity for valuable learning about reality beyond the borders of the U.S., and finally, a commitment towards his personal vision -to revisit decisions such as this, where he has regrets about decisions made during his time in office.Great inspiration and a meaningful purpose for a man who has already had such an impact in the world. It is all about clarifying what you will do, setting your intention and taking the steps on the path towards your destination…