Hug Your Way to World Peace?

Hug Your Way to World Peace!

PLEASE Watch this…leave me a comment to share – honestly, sincerely – how it makes you feel, then go hug some people.

(Thanks for lettin’ me know about this one, Brad).

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  1. Joe Faia says:

    Lou, It brought a big, seemingly permanent, smile to my face.

  2. Sally says:

    Hey Lou, great minds hug alike, I just watched this yesterday, it bought a tear to my eye, and then I did what you did and sent it to everyone I know! I introduced hugging into my family – being typical poms they're were not used to showing their affection. I lived in the USA for a couple of years and discovered hugging is as a normal wonderful part of everyday life. Now my Mum, and siblings hug each other and say "I love you" every time we speak to each other. Legalise Hugging I say!

  3. Mary says:

    Wow, that is touching – viral peace, love and harmony done in a way that can move energetically everywhere and with anyone open and present in the moment! It has to start with one person and that guy who took the risk to start followed something bigger than him for it to end up with 10000 and more people moved to a better way of looking at things and feeling it physically! Thanks for sharing that & giving me the courage to continue sharing that mind, body, spirit message… We're all connected in some way. Thanks, Lou.

  4. jonathan says:

    Love it Lou.This reminds me of another great event about to happen: The INTERNATIONAL DAY OF SMILES On Dec 9 they are giving away a vacation on a Caribbean Island … just for a SMILE!http://www.dayofsmiles.comNow that deserves a hug. :-)Jonathan

  5. Linda Roggli says:

    I was cleaning out email — the morning chore — and knew that I just didn't have an extra 3 minutes and 39 seconds. But something told me to click through anyway. I never expected THIS. Even as a self-professed "great hugger" I was moved to tears from the moment of that first hug all the way through to the 39th second. My day is gonna be a lot better than I expected bcause I took this time. Thanks, Lou, for stopping my busy-ness (business) to remind me that hugs are precious … and treasured.

  6. MsCoach says:

    Geez, I'm a weeping mess. How beautiful this is and I will pass it along. When participating or leading workshops hugs are a part of the day and I love that energy. Since we are all connected are we not just connecting to another part of us and embracing that? Who knew hugging could be an expansive act. But it does make us bigger by opening our hearts for that one or two seconds.Thanks Lou.

  7. Maureen says:

    Hi Lou,I almost passed this by but since you are not one to waste my time I stopped and took a look. I just started crying…it was beautiful and affirmed what power a simple hug can have in the lives of so many. Also in a very contained way you could witness the ripple effect of one persons actions. I love hugging and the connectedness with another human being in such a cool level. You can feel their energy and they can feel yours. I am sending you a hug right now…not the same as if you were here but it will have to do.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi Lou, I find it interesting that you are highlighting this video because I saw it the day before yesterday on and it made me cry. What a coincidence..or not. I use to live in the States and I miss hugging people, although we kiss on both cheeks here in Spain. I want to propose we do both! Showing affection and love can be infectious…like a virus; which is what the person doing the video was trying to do. And jugging by the results, he acomplished his goal. Good marketing lesson: move people emotionally and they'll spread the word!

  9. Bill Blake says:

    Thanks Lou; Just shows the effect of a random act of kindness, and the powere of a single hug! There is an interesting story in the Globe this AM about an elementary school teacher who lived very frugally but gave incredible sums of money to charity, as a result of inspired investments. Another example of the good in inherent in people.

  10. Cindi says:

    Wow! Isn't it amazing what just one action can do? Wouldn't it be incredible if we all did this? In this world of email, internet and cell phones it's easy to forget that were it not for the PEOPLE out there, we would have no business. If you're reading this now, consider yourself hugged. And thank you so much, Lou, for sharing this. If I ever meet any of you, I will gladly share a hug but until then, a virtual one will have to do. My day is thoroughly brightened. Have a blessed day.

  11. Val Spangler says:

    Lou,For you I took the time. What a blessing! Yes, this ole guy was moved to tears as well. What the world needs now is "Hugs" sweet "Hugs".The need for hugs overcoming shyness, caution, skepticism, and, yes, the control freak authorities. Power to the people – petitions – I guess to get the security people off his back – what motivated the supervisor to stop it in the first place – makes you wonder.Viral marketing at its best!!!How can we put hugs into our communications? It appears there is at least a market for a "FREE HUGS" button – would you wear it?What can one person do??? Well, at least develop a "free hugs" mentality and put more peace and love in your little part of the world.Lou – consider yourself hugged!

  12. Bethany says:

    Thank you Lou,Once again, you made me smile. I was on YouTube for the first time yesterday and saw mention of this, but being in a hurry to find what I was searching for, I passed it up.Funny you should then forward it to me the very next day.Thanks and hugs,Bethany

  13. Tim 'Gonzo&#039 says:

    There is old Paul McCartney song that came to mind when I watched this – "Smile Away" – because this brought smiles to my lips and tears to my eyes. You can never have enough hugs. It also brings to mind the Yoko Ono/John Lennon song "We're All Water" which starts out like this: "There may not be much differenceBetween Chairman Mao and Richard Nixon If we strip them naked…" We all want a hug. Even if you don't think you do…thanks for sending me a nice little day-brightener.

  14. FreedomDancer says:

    Happy Friday Lou! Happy pink fluffy clouds of Hugging bliss! What a blessing you are, Lou! A true gem! Just like this video! The pain in my back disappeared immediately upon viewing just this simple act of love. Thanks for such a clear reminder of what's needed in every area of life! This is so perfect! It goes with my favourite saying of "Practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty". *Author unknown* Love & Hugs to everyone, everywhere!JosieP.S. By the way, Lou… your hugs are felt in everything you do! You are so appreciated!

  15. cheryl says:

    In the beginning I was sad as it looked like he'd have NO takers. But as people got into it, it brought a smile to my face. It amazes me we have to carry a sign for Free Hugs just to get them. The act of touching another human being is so important, yet discouraged. I was shocked they had to do a petition over something this simple. HUGS to you Lou and ALL reading this.

  16. Anonymous says:

    This video had me feeling all fuzzy inside. We all crave love and affection and the simple act of a Hug does wonders for nurturing the human soul. If we could just break out of our conditioned ways of putting up defenses and surrender to what wants to be expressed inside us then there would be so much more JOY for us all. Thanks for sharing this. I want to go out and give some hugs today. Blessings to all,Tracy

  17. Coach Michelle says:

    Hey LouMy speakers aren't working, so I almost passed this by. Glad I didn't, especially since I probably picked up on some visuals I might have missed with sound.Like, it seemed to take forever before he got his first hug! Then after he did, the idea took off, went nova, was shut down then went supernova!I'm experiencing some of that as a coach, as I'm sure are many other coaches.Thanks for the inspiration and I'm looking forward to watching it again once I figure out what's up with my speakers.

  18. Lou D'Alo says:

    I was moved to tears too.I went through an intial self talk of "hey, why won't anyone hug that guy? Come on, do we really live in that kind of world? Somebody HUG THAT GUY!!!"Then with the first hug, my mood shifted along with the change on the video from the bleak black and white to the warmth of colors.Then I started celebrating and rootin' for the guy – "Juan Mann".And I went right along for the ride as the momentum picked up.More hugs, more group hugs, more colors, more music, and by the end of it I was a cryin' mess pumpin' my fist in the air shouting"YES! That's what we are REALLY like. That's what unites us all and can change the world — our hearts!"Quite something, that darn little 3 minute and 39 second video."One love". Huh. Guess Bob Marley had it right all along.Hey how great it would be to find the guy(s) who did the video and have them do a teleseminarWonder if I can track 'em down? Who wants to help?:)

  19. Anonymous says:

    It brought a tear to my eye. Hugs is what we all need. I volunteer at an assisted living/Alzheimer's care facility. When you hug one of the residents, their face lights up and it puts a smile on their face.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Very heart-warming and inspiring.Kudos to this guy for doing it and showing us all that it could be done. As human beings, our deepest desire is to be loved and accepted for who we are. A little warm hug is a simple act of showing unconditional acceptance of the other person, and at that very moment one feels a sense of well-being. One hug deserves another…pass it on! Thanks for sharing, Lou! :)M.

  21. tracy says:

    The Absolute BEST video I've seen ALL Year!!! Thanks for sharing, I will do the same – with the video and hugs!!!

  22. Kara says:

    hummm…. I get the importance of accepting people for who they are. I couldn't agree more. I love the concept of hugging. We are kinesthetic beings. Our skin is one big antenna.I'll be the 1st one here to step up and say there's something a little funky about the process used in this video. It's kinda 'Haight-Ashbury ish', or flower-power-ish. LSD anyone? From the perspective of Energy-Psychology…we have to BE that Love within ourselves… authentically, before we can authentically give it to others. We can't force people to give something they don't authentically have within… be it acceptance, openness, love or hugs.In other words, if we don't accept ourselves at our core, we can't really accept others either… etc.When we have to 'force' it out of someone with a sign or a petition, are we really getting the 'Real Deal'? Do we need 'permission', like from a sign, to give our Love and caring? If so, Why? We, as a society of Americans have become non-transparent. Thanks to marketers and the marketing industry, everything from politics to the sale of cereal has some 'hook' or 'ulterior motive' behind it. People hide behind and escape into their electronic equipment; cell phones, camera phones, iPods, Blackberry's, text messaging, text chat etc… What in the Holy name of Freedom can be so important in all that electronic communication? It seems more like a distraction and an indulgence. Common' people now, smile on your brother, not be a victim of Big Brother.When each person becomes responsible for their own transparency and Being the Love that they are, Authentically from the heart, the flow of Love will organically occur. Folks who saw this video and cried, or had a deep reaction are, sorry to say, still looking outside themselves for the Love that is already within them. WOW, that was a bold statement. Yet True. And boy, until you find that Love within, the void and emptiness is huge.When we Authentically have Love figured out within ourselves, for ourselves, we no longer look outside of ourselves for it. And at the same time, we weep for those who are too afraid to open up and let their Real Self out of the box. We become the vibrational example of Love. And by our vibration, we energetically convert others.The thing we see today is most folks walking around, as their synthetic self, playing a 'role' the society they have surrounded themselves with has come to expect from them. They have forgotten who they really are. It's only in death and tragedy, like 911, that we see the real 'cream' rise to the surface. The authentic caring. The Love. I want to know why it takes such tragedy to bring out the best in people. Why can't we just be it all the time? The answer is simple… it's merely a choice, moment by moment, event by event, person to person. It only takes a spark to get a fire going. If one by one, we can be that authentic Love to and with one another, videos like this would be absurd.To me the guy in the video looked like an energy vampire, couching it with a 'cause'. So… burn me at the stake. Truth has never been popular.Personally, I would have enjoyed seeing him offering random act of kindness to perfect strangers, who were struggling and in need… for no reason of self gain. That would have conveyed the same message, without leeching.You've got to give first, asking nothing in return, in order to receive. This is Energy Law. Prime the pump. Get it? ; )Namaste'

  23. jayB says:

    pookieaddition to my previous commentOK Lou I confess, I was already a sensitive guy to begin with but seeing this really gives me more hope for the acceotance for the work I want to do and the fate of humanity- yes humanity. I think this clip shows a small but very power aspect of who else we really are even with the wars and ther horrible things we experience on this earth plane.——————————-Original comment:Lou I don't know if this NYer is getting soft, or maybe it's my recent grieving, but I actually teared up from this clip!1st thought:He looks like a hippie. What is this guy nuts? He's probably from California- noone does this kind of stuff in NY.ThenOh my God, people are starting to take him up on his free hug offer. Get outta here! And then it hit me. I felt something just watching them and his recruits take the fold.BELEIVE IT OR NOT I WANTED TO HUG THOSE PEOPLE.I'm getting teary again just recounting this.My partners passing has already changed me in ways I'm sure aren't over.I think it'll turn out for the better somehowLou thanks- really……….. HUG

  24. Wendy Williams says:

    Just Beautiful.Thank LouWendy

  25. Nancy says:

    Hello Lou, Isn't it amazing how the best things in life are free and priceless? Thank you so much for sharing these incredible acts of love and kindness!!

  26. Lou D'Alo says:

    What a great way to spend a few minutes this past sunday afternoon…reading your posts.Hugs right back atcha!Good to me reminded that every time I write an email, every time I am doing product and marketing research, every time I bring a guest onto a teleseminar…it's about PEOPLE, not lists. Yay!I was also fascinated how one video provoked so many different responses – some subtly different, some dramatically so.It brought back to my awareness that it's not the external event, but my self talk, that creates my experience and defines what I perceive as reality.For example, when I watched the video, I interpreted it as this gentle man offering to GIVE hugs and sharing something he held abundantly, rather than to see him as a leech asking to RECEIVE the hugs 'for free'. (Hmm, now that I think about it…that's not so bad, is it?)Anyway, as a result, I connected with my feelings of love and perceived him to be generous, not a leech.I believe we are all one love – one infinite, universal love – which we own by right of spirit. True, there are times I am separated from my own love because of ego and conditioning. Does it mean I don't have love within me? No, it just means I have to release some conditioned separation from my self.In my experience, I project onto external events those feelings I hold within myself … not those feelings I lack.All I know is, when I saw the video, I felt love, not the need for love. And I know that it's what I focused on, what I chose to think, that created my experience.As always, the external event is just a catalyst for me to be aware of my own conditioning and make choices about what I think, and therefore the reality I create.My thoughts create my reality, and my beliefs create my truth. My truth. Not THE truth.I honour and respect each of your truths, even when they are not my truth. We're each right, and there's plenty of room in the universe for all our truths.

  27. PalmTreeChick says:

    Wow, that was powerful. My emotions in this order…Sad, big smile, happy, tearful (in a good way), angry, then happy and proud.THANKS!Palmtreechick

  28. Gigi says:

    LOU…wish I could 'hug ya'. This is sooo cool, and sooo Wondeful. I'm a "hugger" by nature, have tried it here where I live and it rarely goes well. I am glad to see that there is Hope of a Shift into Love. Is this the Hippie Generation reincarnated? PEACE & LOVE to you and All who see this video.GigiPSsorry took so long to respond, cable has been out!

  29. Kim Subhan Whitaker says:

    Your so cool hug video inspired this poem! Although I dedicated it to my significant other it applies to us all. For within us all is the seed of eternal love.Hold on TightWith all your mightWe lift up into the Star filled nightOur wings of faithOur wings of loveTake us to places we have never been beforeSo many horizons we can exploreMeet the StarsEach by their own nameExploring the Universe on wings of faithTears of joyTears of loveRolling down my faceLoving you for all that you areFilled with desire to show you the StarsWith wings of loveWith wings of faithHug me tight we shall ascendTo heights no one has ever beenTrust, trust and trust some moreThings are going to be alrightWe are born of loveThat cannot be containedNor can it be restrainedSo let the seed be bornThe seed of eternal loveIt is planted in your heartYou the fertile EarthSo let it be bornThe love the faithThat is your wingsSo together we can explore the StarsLet the love that is eternalWithin you be rebornFor my beloved Alison D. Whitaker PhDThis November 3, 2006Kim Subhan Whitaker

  30. Lou D'Alo says:

    Kim – beautiful poem! I love the chain reaction of inspiration breeding expression, breeding inspiration again. Thanks for sharing this.Lou

  31. Jenn says:

    Woah so touching….amazing how many good people there are….you just didn't know it until now! Nice work 🙂 <3

  32. Anonymous says:

    That was the dumest shit ive ever seen you fuking ppl holy shit like get over yourselves

  33. Lou D'Alo says:

    "Anonymous", the danger of spewing venom is that you may often miss your intended target, but you always leave the residue in your mouth. Stop poisoning your Self to death.You can do so much more than stoop to the level of this anonymous, cowardly act of cyber-dumping. Your life deserves to be honored far more than that. Raise the expectations you have for your self, esteem yourself and others highly, and make a real contribution to the world.Oh, and yes, consider yourself hugged. :)Lou

  34. Kim Subhan says:

    Hey Anonymous I love you too!Hugs, Hugs and more Hugs!!!!

  35. Brandon says:

    Hey Lou!Thanks so much for this I will now play this and remember why I am becomming a coach!Brandon