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Video Salesletter

Meet the Guru’s Secret Video Salesletter Weapon

Have you noticed the distinct reduction in the number of long form sales letters and a corresponding increase in the number of video sales letters?

That’s no coincidence.

You probably know these video sales letters are converting like crazy … often getting DOUBLE the conversion rate of a traditional sales letter.

And done right, it takes a SLIVER of the time to write the equivalent long form sales letter.

What you might not know is that there’s a very specific FORMULA for creating video sales letters that get conversion rates that are through the roof.

On Monday’s webinar, I’ll introduce you to a good friend of mine who has cracked the code – big time – on video sales letters.

He’s in my Product Launch Manager mastermind, and the secret weapon behind some of those huge product launches you’ve probably seen.

Here’s a guy who charges $30k for writing a sales letter – and he’s choosing to create video sales letters instead – for his clients and for himself.

On Monday’s webinar, he’s going to:

* Teach you the secret behind sales videos that sell, and show you exactly how you can get a 3% … 4% … even up to a 6% conversion rate (even if you’re “not much of a writer”, even if you’ve never sold anything online before).

* Reveal his step-by-step formula for creating massively converting sales videos in any niche;

* Demystify the “tech” side of creating sales videos (it’s a LOT easier than you think); and

* Pull back the curtain on some of his own secret projects that he’s launched in an afternoon thanks to the magic of sales videos.

This webinar will be white-hot, be sure to join us:

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“See you” Monday night,


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  1. Yazeed Talodi says:

    Can I really use video sales letter to sell my personal story? This story is about me a 26-year-old poor man, working in a normal job , makes only around $2400 a month and within almost 3 or 2 weeks I managed to get top corporate executives on the phone without secretaries, managers, …etc I was able to strike up multiple business deals and negotiate huge discounts like one with the company that branded Microsoft, Nokia, Motorola, Snoop Dogg…etc to brand my company that I'm working on (and I am this little NO ONE)

    I always get 0 replies to my status posts, I did only one post and I got 63 replies within almost 2 days. I've been approached by a local news paper, executives and corporate leaders to visit their facilities, I've been offered membership in an international committee for scientific discoveries

    and I really don't feel like revealing what I did to do all of this for less than $5000 in a 1 or 2 hour video! I just don't accept it.

    Can I do this, or do I have to give it out for free?